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Col. Elisha Bostwick

Elisha Bostwick (1748 - 1834) served in the
American Revolution and crossed the Delaware River
with George Washington in 1776. His written description
of friend Nathan Hale was the model for a statue erected
in Coventry, Connecticut, of that American hero.

In 1781, Elisha built the brick house that stands today at
102 Grove Street.

Elisha served more than 50 years as town clerk. His land records indices of the first 12 settlers of New Milford and the first 35 grantee and grantor volumes, in addition to an index of all highways in town, have benefitted all who have researched the town's early history. He also served as justice of the peace and was a member of Connecticut's General Assembly.

He was married to Betty Ferris, daughter of David and Abigail (Comstock) Ferris, and they had three children. The eldest, Jared, was also town clerk.
b. 1603 England - ?
John Bostwick
b. 1638 England - d. 1688 Stratford, CT
+ Mary Brinsmead
b. 1640 Stratford - d. 1704 Stratford
John Bostwick
b. 1667 Stratford - d. 1747 New Milford, CT
+ Abigail Walker
b. 1672 Stratford - d. 1727 New Milford
Major John Bostwick
b. 1689 Stratford - d. 1741 New Milford
+ Mercy Bushnell
b. 1687 Danbury, CT - d. 1767 New Milford
Samuel Bostwick
b. 1723 New Milford - d. 1789 New Milford
+ Ann Fisk/Fiske
b. 1704 - d.1783 New Milford
b. 17 Dec 1748 New Milford -
d. 11 Dec 1834 New Milford
+ Betty Ferriss
b. 1768 New Milford - d. 1834 New Milford
Jared Bostwick
b. 1787 New Milford,CT - d. 1868 New Milford
+ Ann Copley
b. 1794 New Milford - d. 1869
Mary Ann Bostwick
b. 1829 New Milford - d. 1867 New Milford
+ William Kelley/Kelly
b. 1822 - d?
Mary Ann Bostwick Kelley/Kelly
b. 1852 New Milford - d. 1912 CT

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Elisha Bostwick